Build it and we will swim! #surfcoastpool

The Surf Coast Aquatic Leisure Centre Action Group have always aspired to bring a public leisure centre to the people of the Surf Coast.

Information released so far by the Surf Coast Shire’s “Testing the Waters” has raised many questions. More questions than it answers.  Members of SCALCAG have met with the Surf Coast Shire recently and have fielded severals questions about the prosposed funding model.

We hope to hear from council shortly.

Tell us in the polls below your thoughts on a potential Surf Coast Pool……

surf coast pool


12 thoughts on “#surfcoastpool

  1. Keen to support the build and annual costs but want some free passes with my rates. I can use them over winter with the kids. Think that is fair don’t you?

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  2. I own a house in Torquay and will retire there soon, within next two years. I live near Watermarc in Greensborough so the council should come up and check it out. It’s so well used. And I enjoy the hydrotherapy pool

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  3. If you support the building of a pool, are you happy for your rates to increase significantly to pay for it? Are you happy for the Surf Coast Shire to be in a position where they have to borrow millions of dollars to make it happen? Are you happy for a special surcharge scheme to be introduced on top of your rates bill by the Shire to make up the shortfall? All of a sudden a 20 minute drive doesn’t seem that bad to me…………..


  4. There are different ways of raising the money!! Council trying to scare people. Grants from the various governments etc….

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  5. Further consideration should be considered with both traffic and the environment, how many residents a day are driving up the highway from 5:30am to 9:00pm just to go to a pool in Geelong, turn around and come back. Add up the extra Kim’s a week we are doing and question the cost in terms of fuel, time, traffic and environmental impact. I’m sure this would add up to scary figures.

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